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Cas-En-Lac is a 50 year old mature gravel pit situated just South of Rennes on the edge of Brittany only 1 hour from St Malo or 2 hours from Caen close to a typical picturesque small village of the region. Cas-en-Lac is a classy 30’s and 40’s Lake with around 10 50’s to 56lb as well based in quiet secluded surroundings.


Run by Paul Jones and John Bevan, the lake is a “drive and survive” according to John & Paul, who themselves have many years’ experience in the industry. “Myself and Paul established the business 9 years ago and cater for genuine carp fishers, newcomers and everyone in between. I’ve always been interested in fishing and can safely say that it’s a great week away.”


The 20 acre lake is surrounded with over 10 acres of beautiful secured surroundings with the River Meu securing two thirds of the property and the rest is fenced. The lake is tree lined giving you some shade in most swims and add to its beauty there are 3 islands with 1 large island in the middle with 4 bays to keep you interested. The depths vary between 12ft&5ft but the bottom is fairly even with silt & gravel. You don’t need to worry about crayfish or poisson chats there are no chats and the crays are of the smallEuropean variety giving no problems . There are 13 comfortable swims so that there is more than enough room for you to move and get on the fish if need be. The facilities include on site toilets, a shower and fresh water. It is also possible to drive around a large part of the lake to drop off and pick up your tackle.


John added: “The local village of

Talensac There has all the amenities you’ll need which is only minutes drive away including Baker, Butcher, Chemist, Tabac, Small Supermarket and two Cafe/Bars. A 5 minute drive to the nearest town will offer you a Major Supermarket, Restaurants, Take away food and more.”


The lake also provides a rod license for up to 4 rods per person. Open from March to October, the lake takes up to a maximum of 8 anglers and a minimum of 4 a week. Brittany Ferries are available at discounted rates and involve a pleasant drive through French countryside before you arrive at Cas-en-Lac.


If Cas-en-Lac sounds like somewhere you’d be interested in, please visit or call John Bevan on 07802 738228 &01689 850 276.

We are coming to an end of the 2011 season and what a good season it has been, We are now boasting at least 12 fish over 50lb to 58lb 7oz so we should soon be seeing a couple of 60’s as they are all young healthy fish that we have grown on ourselves, biggest fish stocked around 28lb in 2003. Must be at least 40 x 40’s to 49lb and around 130 + 30.s stack of big twenty’s and what is nice is to see is upper doubles that are from our own spawned fish.

The average catch rate has been 28 to 30 fish a week and the average size 34lb not bad if I do say so.I am going to copy some catch reports here so you can see what the anglers think of the fishing and the venue


Hi John,
The 2 PBs were the 48.12 mirror and a 29.08 common.
I will be in touch before the end of the week to book for next year as we all have scores to settle!!!!!
As always fantastic venue and looking forward to getting back out there in September.

Nick Ring

Hi John,
Sorry about the delay, but here are some photos from our 2011 trip, 30 April – 7 May.
As you said in your lake news, the fish were stacked up in the pipes bay and Ian had a session to remember, topped with a 56lb mirror.
Dai had drawn peg 7 but chose to swap with Ian for peg 1 —– ???
( We don’t think he fancied trying to sleep with all those fish crashing out day and night )
5 nights with no fish saw him drop in with Ian for the last 2 nights and he broke his blank on the last morning with a 30+ common.
Andy had a head banger from peg 4, but Paul did a great job of removing all sharp objects and items that could be used as a ligature from his swim.
Luckily on the last morning, just as he was about to top himself – via a bucket of Tuna and Noodles – Andy pulled out a 46lb mirror from open water – another blank saved.
With no fish showing around the island all week, John plodded on in peg 12, and I stuck it out in peg 5.
John was rewarded with a cracking 42lb leather and I had a 25lb common and a 37lb mirror.
We all had an enjoyable week and are looking forward to our 2012 trip.
Thanks again to Paul, who kindly kept the mozzies entertained while he was painting the new toilet/shower cabin.


Hi johnjust want to let you know what a great week we all had with everyone catching with 5pbs and can you thank paul again
many thanks.
*i have mailed my 53lb pb and will forward some more photos asapjust want to let you know what a great week we all had with everyone catching with 5pbs and can you thank paul again
many thanks
russ breckon.



Hi John… Just dropping a quick note about another great week…
fishing started a little slow but it soon picked up, we totaled over 30 fish, 2 x 50’s 6 x 40 plus and the rest ranging from 25 lb to 38 lb…
I personally didn’t think I`d better my catch from last year… how wrong I was…. I had 7 fish… including a 37 lb ,41 lb ,42 lb ,44 lb and a New lake record, witnessed, weighed and photographed by Paul the bailiff… 58 lb Mirror… So a great week had by all esp me as I had the last pick of swims again…lol
many thanks to Paul and Vinn See you next year
Jim Tookey

Hi JohnThis is some of the pictures we took during the week starting August 2011.

As you know we have booked next year, a fantastic stunning lake with some great fish.

Thanks again from us all. Alan


Paul Davies Group well it wasnt easy as the weed has come up quite thick in places although the deeper end of the Lake is a lot clearer. The lads cleared a lot of weed from their swims but their hard work payed off and as far as I know. They still banked around Thirty fish, that included Two fiftys to 53lb Three fortys to 48lb
eighteen thirtys to 38lb and twentys to 28lb as soon as I get their full report from Mr davies I will update the report.


hi john,sorry this is late,ricky dann’s party 2011 another great week enjoyed by all . ricky with fish to 48lb,anthony fish up to 54lb,ian fish up to 54lb,dave fish to 54lb,neil fish up to 50lb,mark fish up to 37lb,total of over 60 odd fish including 4×50’s with 3 x 54lbs being pbs and lots of 40’s and 30’s caught ,great looking venue,excellent bailiff vinny and his sidekick paul,we`ll be back!


well the weeds getting no better still very patchy but the fish are still having it Alan Harrisons party banked some nice fish to 50lb. 1 x fifty 6 x forty to 43lb 13 x thirty to 39lb and 7 x twenty to 28lb well done lads lets have them pics please.
this weeks party started well a fifty forty and thirty banked the first night full report when they go next saturday


Nick Rings party done well as usual banked over 26 fish which included five fiftys to 53.8lbs four fortys to 44lb ten thirty’s to39lb and six twentys to 29lb will update when Nick sends photo’s
Hi John,

We all had another great week at Casenlac.There was 4 PBs broken,3 with 50lb mirrors and 1 with a 40lb common.
Most of the fish were caught on either Bevosbaits or Paul’s bait.
What else is there to say….5 50s and a 40lb common in 1 week!!!!!
Pics to follow and will be in touch soon to book a 2ND week next year

Nick Ring


We are now taking 2012 Bookings and 2013 Bookings


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