CC Moore & Co Ltd can help you gain that all-important edge …- French Carp Advertising

Gain That Edge!

Let’s face it, if there’s one thing that can really give you a great edge over other anglers, it’s having your own personalised boilie that you can pre-bait with before reaping the rewards.

As you will know, CC Moore & Co Ltd has probably the largest selection of high quality ingredients, additives, liquids and flavours of any bait supplier in the U.K., all at very competitive prices. This allows you to formulate a highly attractive, nutritional boilie at a fraction of the cost of many of the shop-sold baits on the market today; and more importantly enables you to produce a bait that cannot be copied by others who want to jump on the bandwagon, just when your effort and investment starts to pay off.

Base Mix Formulation

If you feel that your experience in bait formulation may make this a difficult option, take a look at a few of the proven recipes below or contact us and draw on the vast experience and knowledge of Ian Moore who will help you put together the bait of your choice.

Mixing & Rolling

If mixing and rolling are a problem, then we can also arrange this for you at a competitive rate. Our mixing cost is charged at £5.00 for a 5kg mix and £10.00 for 10-25kg, which means you don’t have to buy lots of different ingredients to make your mix. We will simply price the ingredients you use and will then mix them in the volume you require.

If you would like liquids, additives or flavours added to your bait, we will also do this for you by mixing the necessary ingredients. After the preparation of your mix and attractor package is completed, we can either send it to you or we can get it rolled and sent to you fresh, ready to freeze. The rolling cost is 3.00 per kg, allowing you to choose whether you want your baits to be round or dumbbell shaped.

Baits can be rolled in 12, 14,16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 28 and 32mm round, or dumbbell shaped using any of these sizes.

We insist that the minimum order quantity for ‘custom’ mixes is 5kg of dry mix.

Remember: When calculating the cost of your rolled bait, you should take the amount of base mix to be rolled and multiply it by approximately 1.35 to find the weight of finished bait, e.g. 10kg of base mix will produce around 13.5kg of boilies.

Proven Base Mixes

These proven mixes can be used as shown below or as a base, which can be personalised by swapping ingredients in and out, adding liquids, additives, colours or flavours. Use some imagination and enjoy the success it may bring!

Each mix will require 9 eggs per kg (550-600ml liquid egg) when no liquid additive used



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