No-quibble money back guarantee – Oracle baits – FrenchCarp Advertising

Almost every bait product we sell is unique and exclusive to us. Amazingly, we offer a no-quibble money back guarantee on many of our baits so that new customers can buy with confidence. We understand that the market is flooded with ineffective baits and our goal is to offer you a genuine alternative to what is on offer elsewhere.

So why are we unique? Well, for instance, our pellets are infused with synthetic fish pheromones (to induce feeding) and so are some of our boilie varieties. We are the only bait company to do this.

Our boilie and paste range is very special indeed. Each one has been developed by a chef (not a fisherman), using fresh, restaurant grade ingredients together with the stuff we all know fish love, such as hemp and nuts. No artificial flavours are used and we DO NOT add the cheap tasteless fillers used by other bait makers. This really sets us apart from the competition, making our boilies the most luxurious and tasty on the market. Check them out to read more about them.

Our Innovative product range is exciting and contains products created by scientists and fully tested by professional anglers. We have bait sprays which reflect light in the UV spectrum (invisible to us but not fish), effectively turning a boilie into a glistening disco ball. Another powerful visual attractor is our bait and lure glug which glows in the dark. And we sell powerful pheromone sprays which have been proved to induce feeding in fish which are not hungry, currently used as a trade-only product in commercial fish farming all over the world.

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