As you know I have been doing a little carp fishing and targeting the Red Koi Gang, a shoal of a dozen or so 20s.

I have been fishing for them in the shallow water to the right of swim number 4, “Twin Oaks”, their favourite sun-bathing spot. In between catching fish I have had time to actually consider the bank and the swim itself from an angler’s perspective, and I decided that the slope of the bank was too steep. I did a bit of pacing-out and came up with a plan to terrace the bank and make it more user-friendly.

The perfect excuse to continue my quest for the Red Koi.

3 days of hard graft and the much improved version looks like this;


All I need now is a bit of grass seed and some sunshine, give it a month and it will be perfect.

The eagle eyed among you will notice that I have also removed the small oak tree thereby providing more space for 2 anglers to fish together. I have left the stump quite tall, it makes a perfect seat.

At the end of each day’s work I treated myself to my normal 1 hour or 1 fish routine, a great way to relax after a hard day in the office. The Red Koi is proving to be a little elusive but his mates are not.

Monday produced a beautiful mirror at 20lb 4oz. Tuesday produced one of the larger members of the shoal, another mirror at 26lb 3oz. But Wednesday was the icing on the cake with this scale-perfect Common at 20lb 1oz


It rained all day on Thursday, and again on Friday, and again on Saturday, so my kit stayed packed away in the cabin. Thankfully the sun came out again on Sunday and I decided to take the dogs out for a long slow walk along the far bank to do a bit of fish-spotting and see what was where. I hadn’t gone far when I spotted 2 nuclear powered submarines in Brian’s Bay. OK, maybe not nuclear powered, but they moved so gracefully and appeared to do it without twitching a fin. They were 2 of my bigger carp, big 40s, and they looked magnificent.

The dog walk didn’t progress much further, Helen was out jogging and she came running down the track which set the dogs off, leaping around and barking, which in-turn had my submarines taking evasive action and making an emergency dive to the murky depths.

At least now I have a new target, a shoal of 2. All I need now is an excuse to be working on Brian’s Bay.