Almost a Leather

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Almost a Leather

It has been strange this week weather wise, it has been getting progressively warmer but it has been very wet. Perfect conditions for grass and I have been watching it grow with trepidation knowing that I would have to cut it.

The rain had stopped by lunchtime Saturday, the temperature was up in the mid-20s and we were forecast wall-to-wall sunshine on Sunday, Sunday it was then.

Fishing? No, grass cutting. I cut grass for 8 hours solid on Sunday and to say I was weary was putting it mild, by mid-afternoon it was 35C in the sun and I was in it. I finished about 5pm and thought back to my Pub Chuck of last weekend. I knew that a lot of the big carp were up in the shallows enjoying the sun and I figured that I had earned my 1 hour this week. I was off.

I went back to swim number 2 “The Meadow”. I decided to fish the margins to my left and right. The water is shallow so I was gentle with the feed and just flicked out small amounts of corn, pellet and crushed boilies. I spent about 20 minutes baiting my 2 swims until I had laid down a blanket of particle bait.

I flicked out my 2 rigs, baited with 12mm boilies, each tipped with a piece of corn, I used a single swan shot for my lead so as to create as little disturbance as possible, then waited.

I did not have to wait long, about 20 minutes and my left rod was away, the same spot where I caught on my Pub Chuck last week. The result was a beautiful mirror at 21lb 1oz. She was out, weighed, and returned safe and sound, and I had not used my 1 hour.

I had managed not to disturb the swim to my right so I put my first rod away and decided to see if my second swim would still produce. And produce it did, 15 minutes later and I was in to a much bigger fish;

A stunning Leather at 30lb 9oz. I was full of admiration for this beautiful fish without a single scale, imagine my horror when I turned her over and there, on her left flank, 3 inches from her tail fin, a single scale about the size of your small finger nail.

By the end of this season she should be nudging the magical 35lb weight, which is when she can receive a name from whoever catches her. “One Scale” what do you think?

Paul Turner (G+)