I have just caught my first ever fish! A

I have just caught my first ever fish! A 22lb mirror carp at Forest Lake Carp Fishing, Dordogne, France. I am very pleased and now possibly hooked on fishing! My husband and I moved to France to buy a fishing lake (Forest Lake Carp Fishing) and I knew nothing about fishing. We have been here a year and a half now and love it but I hadn’t fished yet. So, on Sunday, we went down and I had a go. It was brilliant. Not even an hour into it and I caught my 22lb mirror.
I used 15mm robin red boilies from dynamite baits, that my husband told me were the best to use in our lake. I am so please and now hooked on fishing!For more info, the website is:- http://www.forestlakecarpfishingfrance.com

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