Hi Nick and Charlie -Thank you once agai

Hi Nick and Charlie -Thank you once again for your hospitality last week. Although it was one of the slowest fishing weeks we have had with you it was still very enjoyable and we are already discussing plans for next year. Nick you liked this photo which was of a #50lb+ cat from #Vert the biggest we have had from that lake but I am sure it is the same one that I caught last year. Strangely it was 5pm on the Friday 2013 when I caught it which was the last fish of the holiday and Robby caught it again at 5pm on the Friday 2014 last fish of the holiday. Sadly for Robby last year’s competition was biggest Catfish from Vert whereas this year it was biggest carp from Vert which Steve won with a carp of about 25lb.-Paul Martindale http://ow.ly/yZsQC

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