What do you want from your fishing holiday?

carp fishing holidays

Carp fishing holidays

Before rushing off to book that fishing holiday / experience of a lifetime you need to take time out and do some research. Whether you are going on your own or with mates, make sure you discuss exactly what everybody in the party is looking for. Do you want a “runs only” water where you will get plenty of action and maybe the odd bigger fish? Or are you looking for a mixture of a good head of 20’s and 30’s with the chance of a biggie or do you just want to fish for very large carp? Some fisheries offer the full spectrum though, from singles through to 50’s and 60’s so if you do your research and talk to fellow anglers and fishery owners you can get a good amount of information on the fishery you may be interested in. You can even book the whole lake for yourself. If there is a few of you to make up a party this can be a very inexpensive way of fishing in France. You still have to get there of course, but the actual price to fish is very reasonable. The carp forums and a good source of information also. To get the holiday you really want, do your research. There are too many questions posed on the forums from people who have rushed and booked a venue, and afterwards are asking questions about it! During your research any fishery owner will give you this kind of information, so don’t be afraid to ask. It will help you come to the right decision.


You will need to consider how you are going to get to your venue. If you don’t like driving long distances anyway then look at venues nearer to the UK. There are plenty of venues available throughout France so don’t frighten yourself with the thought of a 7 or 8 hour drive. There are also companies that will transport you from Dover and take you by coach to the fishery. It costs a little more but all the strain and pressure is removed and you can enjoy the journey down. Another option available from some operators is to fly and rent your tackle at the fishery. All you normally need to take are reels, buzzers and terminal tackle plus a sleeping bag with everything else being supplied. You can then either rent a car at the airport or some fishery owners will come and pick you up.


These are the current options available when booking you carp fishing holiday


Drive and survive means what it says; you drive to the venue and get on with it! Some lakes do not offer any facilities at all, so is this what you really want? Other venues may offer you the use of a caravan or mobile home.


Basic package you book your place on the lake, arrange to get there yourself and basically have toilet and shower facilities provides. You provide your own meals etc.


Deluxe package as above but cooked meals are provided, usually two a day.


Premium package tackle, bivvy, bed chair, bait, food and drinks provided, all you have to do is get there!


Platinum package as above but with flights and airport pickup included.



Paul Turner (G+)