Le Moulin de Graffeuil -Catch Report – 23 May 2015

I am a day early with the catch report this week because I do not have any new guests arriving this afternoon and I find myself at a bit of a loss for something to do.

Normally at this time on a Saturday I am running around like a headless chicken preparing the place for my next guests but next week the lake is closed.

It is the first week off for my big carp since the start of the season, and they have earned it.  They have provided some fantastic sport so far this year, a lot of them have spawned and are showing all the classic signs of spawning damage, particularly the females.  So now it is time for a little R&R;  a good feast of high protein food, and a bit of down time.

Steve and Annette Ling were back again this week, accompanied by their daughter Emma and her fella Tim, both of whom were here for their first visit.

Click here to see all the photos:- https://lemoulindegraff.wordpress.com/2015/05/23/catch-report-23-may-2015/