Le Moulin de Graffeuil – Catch Report – 13 June 2015

A week of 2 halves this week for a lovely couple from Manchester, Charlie and Elaine Baker.  One half of the week was good, the other half not so good.  However 17 fish to 47lb was not too bad.

Elaine was here to unwind and enjoy a week of relaxation, Charlie was here for the fishing.  Having said that Charlie was not greedy, when he arrived he said that he would be happy with one-a-day and if he could improve on his PB, which stood at 27lb, he would be chuffed.

17 lovely big carp to 47lb 04oz achieved his aim, and more.  But!! and once again there is a but in the story, this week it was spawning.  But for the spawning I reckon Charlie would have gone on to bag around 30 fish.

Charlie only fished days so he had a very relaxed approach to his fishing which is good to see, by the time they had arrived on Saturday and settled in it was late evening so he managed a bit of baiting up and some general preparation to start properly on Sunday.

Charlie started off in swim 2 on Sunday and despite losing a couple he landed his first fish, unfortunately he spent most of the day watching the fish bashing out further up the lake.

On Monday he made the sensible decision to follow the fish and he moved up to swim 4, it paid off, with another couple dropped but 5 in the net.  Once again he was watching fish crashing around further up the lake opposite swim 6, needless to say on Tuesday he made another move and set up shop on swim 6.

Tuesday produced a further 6 fish so he stayed where he was for a second session on Wednesday.  We had a load of rain on Wednesday but the fish kept on coming and he managed a further 5 and by early evening his total so far was 7 lost, 17 netted, then everything  just stopped.

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