Catch Report – 26 April 2013 – Moulin De Graffeuil

Catch Report – 26 April 2013 Our first resident guests of the season and a full bag of beautiful big carp. Glen and Gill are leisure anglers and they like to combine their fishing with a relaxing holiday. Frustrated with angling in the UK they no longer own any fishing kit and were here on… Read More Catch Report – 26 April 2013 – Moulin De Graffeuil


Almost a Leather

Almost a Leather It has been strange this week weather wise, it has been getting progressively warmer but it has been very wet. Perfect conditions for grass and I have been watching it grow with trepidation knowing that I would have to cut it. The rain had stopped by lunchtime Saturday, the temperature was up… Read More Almost a Leather

The Pub Chuck

  The Pub Chuck Two good friends of mine were fishing here last year; Simon Mercer and Pete Bexley.  The usual banter ensued over dinner and Pete was having a go at Simon over a 50 pounder he caught on his first cast within minutes of arriving at a swim. ”No better than a Pub… Read More The Pub Chuck

Casenlac Catch Report

Casenlac Catch Report Looking forward to a great 2013 now boasting four fish over 60 pound and expecting 2013 to turn up a few 50 pound commons bookings going extremely well this year Author: Paul Turner (G+)