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Featured Carp Fisheries – Frenchcarp

We are moving forward, and can now offer you a promotional package whereby we take all of your own news from your website, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and your own blogs etc, and showcase this onto your own dedicated page on our website www.Frenchcarp.com.

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You will also benefit from us posting on our own Facebook pages – click here, AND Twitter, AND Google+ and on our own Frenchcarp site. Therefore all of your news and information will be available to all of our own followers as well, vastly increasing the audience. Just think about it – your information will go to all of our followers, then to their own followers and before long you will have hundreds, if not thousands of people reading about your fishery.
The cost for this extra service is from just £75 or 90 euros a year per site. Fantastic value for money, and gets your fishery much more publicity.
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